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Valuation Experts - Jersey City, N.J.

We provide Real Estate Appraisal Services and appear as expert witnesses for local property owners and attorneys. As licensed Real Estate Appraisers we have provided appraisal services for thousands of local homeowners and local attorney's with successful Tax Appeals  in Hudson County for more than the past 30 years. 

Additional Services:

* Residential and Commercial Appraisals

* Inspection of Your Property

* Property Assessment Review

* Record Card Review

* NJ Certified or Licensed Appraisers

* Property Tax Expert

New Assessments Are Coming !

In the coming weeks the revaluation Assessment numbers will be made public. It is very important that you as a homeowner address the new assessments for accuracy immediately. Check to see if the size and the condition are accurate. Make sure both internal and external deficiencies have been addressed. Remember there will be a 30 to 45 day time period in which you can have an informal meeting to contest the accuracy of the revaluation company. This may be the best time to arrange for our services if you wish to contest your assessment.  


I have used the services of Joseph D'Amato  and D'Amato Appraisal to be my expert in successful Tax Appeals several times over the past 25 years. He has reduced the assessment on both residential and commercial properties  for me. i would recommend Joseph for property valuations and as an expert for property Tax Appeals 

Vince T.

Jersey City

Joe D'Amato's property tax evaluations  has saved me thousands of dollars in property tax savings year after year. If you want to know if your paying more than your fair share of property taxes give Joe a call.

For several years now I have been using Mr. D'Amato and his 30 years of experience to successfully lower my property taxes.

I strongly reccomend any property owner to give Joe a call for a property tax evaluation, and start keeping more money in your pocket.

J. Damiano

Jersey City Landlord

Joseph was my expert for a tax appeal I filed more than 10 years ago in North Bergen. Thanks to him, i am still saving money on my property taxes.

Luis M.

North Bergen, N.J.

I've had the pleasure and total satisfaction to have Joe be my expert for the past 25 years of tax appeals on both residential and commercial properties! With his keen insight and experience, Joe was able to get me the highest settlements on my properties due to his vast knowledge of the local real estate market. I would highly reccomend Joseph to any of my friends or clients to be their expert on their 

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Our Location

We are located At :

253 Newark Avenue

Jersey City, N.J. 07302



Frequently Asked Questions

When do I File My Appeal ?

Appeals must be filed by April 1st, or the next following business day if April 1st is on a weekend or a holiday. The appeal must be received by the Board of Taxation by the close of business on the due date. For Revaluation towns the deadline for filing appeals is May 1 of the revaluation year.

Do I need to be represented by an attorney ?

No, you may appeal and appear on your own behalf. But, you may hire an attorney to appear on your behalf if you wish.

Should I hire an Appraiser  ?

It is not necessary, but you may do so if you wish. Our experience is that those who hire an expert, who completes a valuation & appears at your hearing do better than those who don't have an expert. There are many rules which apply to Tax Appeal hearings, that you may not be familiar with and can adversely effect  the outcome of your appeal. Hire an Expert.

When will I receive my Hearing Notice ?

You will receive your hearing notice at least 10 days prior to your hearing. If you have not received your notice and are concerned call the Tax Board. It is your responsibility to appear at your hearing.

Do I have to appear at the Hearing?

Yes, you must appear, unless you are represented by an attorney, who will appear on your behalf. If you are represented by an attorney you still may attend your hearing. Failure to appear will cause dismissal of your complaint.