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4th July View of New York City  Revaluation

Our staff

Joseph F. D'Amato NJ Licensed General Real Estate Appraiser

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Louis Gomez NJ Licensed Residential Appraiser

William Earle - Certified Tax Assessor- Apprentice Appraiser

NJ Licensed Sales Person

Gene Arthur Research Assitant

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Our history

Joseph F. D'Amato Is the principal Broker - Owner of Hudson Harbor Realty Corp. and is also a Licensed general Real Estate Appraiser and owner of D'Amato Appraisal Associates. Since 1988 I have been valuing Real property in the local Jersey City and Hudson County Market . The focus of the appraisal business has been Helping local property owners of both residential and commercial properties, serving as a valuation expert and consultant in the Tax Appeal Process.

Mr. D'Amato has helped thousands of property owners reduce their property assessments via The Tax Appeal process saving local tax payors millions of dollars over the past 30 years and has served as an expert witness for many Real Estate attorneys in the local market and has qualified as an expet witness with the Hudson County Board of Taxation and The Tax Court of New Jersey

View Of Hudson River Jersey City Revaluation

Our mission

Our Mission during the 2017 Revaluation of Jersey City is to ensure that all property owners are treated fairly during the process. Jersey City is a very large and diverse city and property values change from neighborhood to neighborhood and from street to street. We are experts in the local market and have been appraising local properties for more than the past 30 years.


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Tax Appeal - Appraisal Service

We provide Licensed appraisals to commercial and residential property owners in the local Jersey City, Hudson County Market Joseph F. D'Amato  is recognized as an expert in valuation of properties by the Hudson County Board of Taxation and the NJ Tax Court, having preformed over 7,500 valuations over the past 30 years many of which have been utilized in the tax appeal process.

i also provide appraisal services for estates, asset distributions, and relocation's. 

Revaluation is Coming.

Jersey City is a very diverse city consisting of many neighborhoods, markets and Sub markets. A revaluationis a very large undertaking for any company. Understanding the markets and sub markets, can be an enourmas task. The revaluation is currently on schedule, this has been confirmed by the Assessors office and the Hudson County Board of Taxation.

Inspections began in late March of 2017 and are still on going and not yet complete. New assessment numbers, have not yet been scheduled for release.  The deadline for filing appeals is normally April 1 but because this is a revaluation year it will be May 1. 

Additional revaluations are scheduled forother Hudson County Communities, This year Weehawken is scheduled to be complete. In the following years Bayonne, East Newark and Harrison will be completed.

Pay close attention to your new assessment when it is received by you as it will directly effect the amount of property taxes that you will pay. Don't be afraid to question your assessment, check the size of your dwelling, including the # of units, the condition of the property, the location of your property and how the value of your property was determined by the revaluation company.

You may or may not be satisified with the valuation of your property. There are several steps that you can take in order to contest the new valuation of your property.

1. Meet with the revaluation company for your informal discussion on how they arrived at their valuaition.

2.Be prepared and bring them any evidence that you can provide to contest that valuation.

3. Formally appeal the new assessment prior to May 1 at The Hudson County Board of Taxation.

4. When in doubt, hire your own expert to see if an appeal is warrented.

Every property owner should be pro active and take these steps as the revaluation assements become public. The worst thing you can do is nothing, because you will be stuck with that assessment for at least 1 year.

We are experts in Hudson County and Jersey City Real Estate Markets and are available to discuss your property assessment at any time during this process.


I have hade the pleasure and total satisfaction to have Joseph D'Amato be my Tax Appeal expert over the past 30 years on appeals of both residential and commercial properties ! With his keen insight and experience, Joe was able to get me the highest settlements possible on my properties, thanks to 

his vas knowledge ofthe local Real Estate market. I would highly reccomend Joseph to my friends and clients to help them on their future Tax Appeals.

Albert J. Cupo

AJC Realty Exchange

Jersey City, N.J.

Joseph D'Amato property Tax evaluation has saved me thousands of dollars in property tax savings year after year.

If you want to know if your paying more thanyour fair share of property taxes, No one is better than Joe.

I strongly recommened any property owner to give Joseph a call for a property tax evaluation

J. Daminano

JC Landlord.

Joseph D'Amato and Hudson Harbor Realty Corp. helped me reduce my property taxes. They Re - Appraised my home and handled everything at the Tax Appeal Hearing. My property taxes were reduced over $800.00 per year, Joe D'Amato is very experienced and professional. If you feel your property assessment is too high, give Joe a call today! Thanks Again Joe!

Christine Franklin

Jersey City, N.J.

Hudson Harbor Realty gets results. They have done tax appeals and have found a buyer for my families multi family property in Jersey City at an unbelievable price. If we could award Hudson Harbor Realty & Joseph D'Amato 6 stars, we would.

Mark Dozier

Added / Omitted Assessments.

Many of our clients have been receiving Added or Omitted Assessments. This process is conducted by the Assessors office in October of each tax year. If you have made improvements to your property, made additions the assessor can increase the assessments to reflect their current value. The deadline to file Added or Omitted Assessment Tax Appeals is December 1, 2017. If you have received an added or omitted assessment don't miss this deadline, as the increase in property taxes must be paid  by November 1, 2017. If your added assessment appeal is successful a refund will be due by years end.  

Our Location

We are Located At ;

253 Newark Avenue

Jersey City, N.J. 07302


email : hhrc430@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I File my Appeal ?

Appeals must be filed by April 1, or the next business day if April 1 is on a weekend or holiday. This deadline if for most Hudson County Municipalities with the exception of Jersey City and Weehawken which are undergoing revaluations the deadline for those towns will be May 1 and if it falls an a weekend or holiday the first day of business following that date.

Do I need to be represented by an Attorney ?

No, you may appeal and appear on your own behalf. But you may hire an attorney if you wish. If your property is in a corporate name or an LLC. an attorney is required. 

Should I hire an appraiser ?

It is not necessary, but you may do so if you wish. If you do hire an appraiser rules apply. The appraiser must appear with you in order to give expert testimony on the appraisal. All reports are due 7 days prior to the hearing date.

When will I receive my hearing Notice ?

You will receive your hearing notice at least 10 days prior to your scheduled hearing. If you have not received your notice and are concerned, phone the Tax Board. It is your responsibility to appear at your hearing. 

Do I have to Appear at the Hearing ?

Yes, you must appear, unless you are represented by an attorney, who then may appear on your behalf. If you are represented by an attorney you still may attend your hearing. Failure to appear will cause dismissal of your complaint.

Where are hearings held ?

The Hearings are Held At :

The Hudson County Board of Taxation

253 Cornelison  Avenue - 3rd Floor

Jersey City, N.J. 07302

What are the fees for Filing an Appeal?

Assessed valuation  less than $150,000                         $   5.00

$150,000 but less than     $ 25.00

$ 500,000 - $ 999,999     $100.00

$1,000,000 & up              $150